The Grass Valley Methodist Church was built over 100 years ago in Grass Valley, Oregon. This is the extent of my knowledge about the construction of the building! In talking with people in the community I have heard construction dates ranging from the late 1880s to the first decade of the 1900s. Church services were held in the church up until 1946 or 47.

I am currently in the process of digging up information about the church building, the ministers who preached from the pulpit and the families that called it home.

If you have any information about the Church with me I would very appreciative for the help. Also if you have any historical photos from the church that would be great as well.

Click here for a list of funerals that took place at the Grass Valley Methodist Church from 1903 to 193 0. This information was provided by Sherry Kaseberg from her Grass Valley Journal records.

If you send photos, Please do not send your original copies. A copy, scan or digital photo of the original would be great.
You can e-mail me at dan@oldmethodistchurch.com
    Quick Facts
Date Built:
Date Closed: 1946 or 1947
Years in Use:
Funerals: 74 - 1903 to 1930
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Dan Earl
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