Restoration Project
We hope to be able to bring the church back up to usable condition over the course of the next few years. My first priority is to get the building sealed back up. A new roof and windows are first on the list.

Ultimately I want the building to be a centerpiece for the community. My plans include modifying the basement under the building so that it can be used as a community meeting spot that can be used by individuals or organizations for meetings or events.

The sanctuary area will be available as a retail area. The Kitchen area I have envisioned as housing information about the church and the Grass Valley community.

I am also looking into having a display of old equipment to the back and side of the building.

It will take quite a bit to get t o that point. But in the end I hope that the Old Methodist Church will be around for another 100 plus years.
I have been asked if donations can be made to help along the restoration process. As of this point in time there have been no arrangements made to accept donations for the restoration project. I am currently seeking information from various private and governmental organizations about available financial resources for projects such as this.

Dan Earl
60906 Hwy 216
Grass Valley, OR 97029
Plans for the Future: